FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Course

FAA Part 107 Online Courses

Welcome both new and returning students! We’re excited to provide you with the most comprehensive online learning experience available for students wanting to become part 107 certified. Becoming certified to commercially fly and operate a drone in the United States is one of the fastest growing occupations to date. The options are unlimited as students are being hired by constructions companies to map constructions site, to small field crop dusting, to commercial and residential real estate photography and video.

Registering is fast and easy with our two-step process that automatically registers students the same time they enroll and pay for the course.  For best results, we strongly recommend that you do not register from work, as most servers have security firewalls that can cause issues. That is, if you are employed or enrolled at a university, or if you work for a city of government, do not use sign up while on location – sign up from home and also try to use a Gmail or Yahoo email address, and the work or university email address. After signing up, you will receive a conformation email from us that provides your login link. Bit if you do have any trouble, always feel free to reach out anytime as well.

Congratulations in advance on becoming a Remote Pilot in Demand!