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About The Drone Coach

The Drone Coach is a Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot in the United States since 2018 and is also a CAA GVC Certified Remote Pilot in the United Kingdom. With a strong desire to create an online part 107 remote pilot course that was geared towards the creative earner, The Drone Coach part 107 course instructor was born.

After spending hundreds of dollars on a well-crafted remote pilot course that seemed to be created by a physicist, it was soon realized that a part 107 remote pilot course was needed for the creative learner. And so with that in mind, The Drone Coach set out to create an affordable yet informative part 107 learning solution.

Our video lessons are comprehensive yet visual appealing, and taught in a manner that is easy to understand. Scientific studies prove that the brain forms new pathways when a task is repeated often, and that’s the approach we wholeheartedly believe in. If this wasn’t true, then how would we ever learn anything? The information we provide, and the manner in which our information is conveyed, will be retained a lot longer by the student.

These lessons are non-proctored so if you do get stuck on a question and you need something explained, The Drone Coach will still be happy to help. However, as a non-proctored classroom, The Drone Coach will only point you to the section in the lesson, study material, or website link, that will help explain the answer to you. We believe this is the best method for retaining information; when the student seeks and finds the information on their own. It’s also the most rewarding too!

Any question you may have will be found within the course material. đŸ˜‰

So review the lessons as often as needed because for a mere $49, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the video lessons, hundreds of practice quizzes specific to each lesson, printed course materials, and two 60-minute timed practice exams. Although the same video lessons are on our YouTube channel, the video lessons in our paid course are ad-free. And be sure to visit our sister website for more information on what it takes to becoming a part 107 certified remote drone pilot.

Study hard, study often, and you’ll soon be on your way to what we like to call, a Remote Pilot in Demandâ„¢!

The Drone Coach

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